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Machine Testing

vizsgálat kép1We provide work safety initial operation and due maintenance for dangerous machines and machinery in accordance with the Hungarian and European rules and regulations in effect.

Our list of service includes the following for testing:

  • Personal lifting machinery
  • Truck Tail Lifts
  • Fork Lifts
  • Earth Working Machinery
  • Road Works Machinery

vizsgálat kép2

Apart from some companies, we are not to approach the importance of testing from the massive amount of rules and regulations since we believe it is all for us doing the testing. Those inspectors and inspection units who are commissioned to do the testing are to be familiar with the rules and regulations.

It is our mutual interest that the given machinery be reliable and comply with the rules and regulations in effect in order to avoid penalty fees by authorities.
Should you recquire further information or detailed background information about the laws, please, contact us immediately.

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